Teaching to Teach

One of the hardest things to communicate is what effective communication means in and out of the classroom.  It usually means helping colleagues disentangle the different components of the endeavor and set meaningful goals for each component with an eye their target audience: What are you expectations for classroom readiness?  Are they reasonable?  What can… Continue reading Teaching to Teach

Sample Teaching Materials

You may find it easiest to download the files below than to view in your browser plug in.  If you choose to open it in Adobe Acrobat or Reader, you will be able to use the bookmarks as a guide to its contents and also see my commentary on what I’ve included using ‘sticky notes’… Continue reading Sample Teaching Materials

In the Works

The most exciting thing about teaching is how it evolves all the time.  New ideas and projects pop up all the time.  I created this page to keep track of developments not yet ready to be integrated into other portions of this portfolio. Google Docs + Video Conferencing I’ve done Skype advising for a long… Continue reading In the Works

Assessment and Other Analytics

Brooklyn College has not had a great culture of assessment.  The biggest eye-opener for me was a conference I attended on Assessment in Seattle 2008 with my colleagues Scott Dexter and Andrew Arlig.  Seeing the enthusiasm for faculty-driven, self-critical, and curriculum-changing assessment at other institutions has made me a believer that it can be done… Continue reading Assessment and Other Analytics

Integration of Research

The statement gives an overview of how I think of ways teaching an research may overlap with concrete examples.  The blog posts exemplify how I’ve historically always thought of the two in tandem. A Link to a PDF of the Statement Blog Entries Demonstrating the Intersection  

Living Classics

A discipline only has a place in the modern academy if it can articulate its contemporary relevance.  The onus is on each scholar to build these connections, beyond platitudes of history repeating itself.  This is a slide show of posters of events I’ve organized to bring Classics into contemporary conversations on global issues at Brooklyn… Continue reading Living Classics

Diversity Statement

A reflection on my own privilege and how to I attempt to address current and historical inequality in my classroom.  I have been influenced by the writing of bell hooks and many thoughtful conversations with my BC students on these issues. A Link to a PDF of the Statement

Pedagogic Evolution

I arrived at Brooklyn College in Fall 2005, the autumn of Katrina.  I was horrified that anyone thought I was such a generalist that I could teaching Euripides’ Medea, let alone advanced Latin.  As the product of the Oxford system, I arrived with a high degree of specialization and little understanding of my own capacity… Continue reading Pedagogic Evolution