Mentoring and Advising

You may find it easiest to download the files below than to view in your browser plug in.  If you choose to open it in Adobe Acrobat or Reader, you will be able to use the bookmarks as a guide to its contents and also see my commentary on what I’ve included using ‘sticky notes’ feature.  Just run your mouse over any yellow speech bubbles you see!

Documents reflecting my work with MMUF

I agreed to serve as the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Acting Director with less than 48 hours notice, before the start of the semester.  It’s the best job, I shouldn’t have.  Rosamond King has done amazing work with the program, but it is a great shame not a single faculty member of color could be found with enough time in their schedule to act as her sabbatical replacement.  Our faculty of color are overstretched in their college service, especially in small departments.  While I and Louise Hainline in MARC have many talents to share with the honors students in our programs, we need to work harder to recruit talented mentors of color for our high achieving students and the student body as whole.

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Major Advising Worksheet

This is the type of document I devise when I serve as Departmental Advisor.  It shows not only the overview of the degree and its options but also contains advise for registration for the coming semester, AND a worksheet for students to map their own progress and options.