Sample Teaching Materials

You may find it easiest to download the files below than to view in your browser plug in.  If you choose to open it in Adobe Acrobat or Reader, you will be able to use the bookmarks as a guide to its contents and also see my commentary on what I’ve included using ‘sticky notes’ feature.  Just run your mouse over any yellow speech bubbles you see!

An Upper Level Research Class

These materials are from a version of a Sexuality and Gender in the Ancient World Course I taught in Fall 2015.  This was the fourth time I taught the course and second time I used BlackBoard extensively to do so.

General Education Teaching

These are my sample materials for my current sections of CLAS 1110.  Please pay special attention to the commentary I offer on these documents via the PDF comments.

This is a video explaining how I structure a typical meeting of CLAS 1110 targeted at 150+ students divided into teams of eight.

This is a video offering a tour of my Blackboard site for CLAS 1110 emphasizing the student experience.